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Silver Success at Indoor Athletics

This half term has been a very busy time for our Year Five/Six Athletics teams. For the first year in Brampton's history, we were able to take two teams to the qualifying stages of the Chesterfield Schools Indoor Athletics Competition, held at Queens Park Sports Centre. Both teams were outstanding and out of the fourteen teams that entered we gained 2nd and 7th place overall. 

As a result of this, both our teams were invited to the Championship and Plate finals, respectively. 

The Championship finals saw seven teams from across Chesterfield competing in a wide range of track and field events including: triple jump, speed, bounce, javelin and relays. Our team of nineteen boys and girls from Year Five and Six were once again outstanding, gaining many first places in both track and field events. When it came to announcing the results, we knew it was going to be close and indeed it was as we lost out on first place by just two points. Though at first the team were disappointed at losing out by such a small margin, they were quick to realise that what they had achieved was fantastic and we are all very proud of their performances both individually and as a team.

The Plate Finals followed on from the Championship finals two weeks later and this time twenty enthusiastic athletes, again from Year Five and Six, went along to Queens Park to compete against nine other teams. Once again our awesome athletes did not disappoint and showed great speed, agility and teamwork in every event they competed in. The support they gave each other was brilliant - lots of encouragement and cheering on each other was great to see. Again we thought that the results would be tight and hoped that we were in with a chance of a win. When the results were finally announced, we found out that we gained second place, once again, this time by just a four point margin. The team were proud of their achievements and as many of the squad were from Year Five, we are hoping to work towards gaining those extra few points to go for gold next season.

A huge congratulations to everyone who competed in the Championship and Plate Finals - you were incredible and we are all very proud of your fantastic achievements.